A New Internal Medicine Practice in Skaneateles: Patsy Iannolo, MD, PhD, PC

By Jennifer Webster
Thursday, September 3, 2020

Two generations of Central New York patients have benefitted from the expertise and respect shown to them by internal medicine physician Patsy M. Iannolo, MD, PhD. Now, Dr. Iannolo is expanding his Taft Road practice to open a second office in Skaneateles. The new location will offer a range of amenities, as well as the patient-centered care Dr. Iannolo is known for.

Patsy M. Iannolo, MD, PhD, PC, and Tina L. Finlayson, NP

As an Internal medicine physician with a doctorate in pharmacology Dr. Iannolo cares for adult patients who have a range of concerns, including diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, rheumatoid conditions and neurologic disorders, among others. Many of these patients have more than one complicated condition, and managing multiple comorbidities is a specialty of Dr. Iannolo’s.

“Internal medicine practices focus on the sickest patients,” he says. “My pharmacology training helps me streamline medicines. I offer consultations on the appropriate medications for each patient’s age and condition. Other physicians also reach out to me as a consultative resource for toxicology and medication improvements.”

In addition to diagnosing illness and prescribing medications, Dr. Iannolo performs in-office excision of skin lesions and other dermatology treatments, as well as joint and tendon injections. He offers psychiatric services and men’s endocrine treatments, as well.

Dr. Iannolo’s colleague, Tina Finlayson, MS, FNP-BC, offers women’s endocrine services, gynecologic exams and geriatric medicine, as well as routine internal medicine services. Together, these two providers have more than 45 years in the medical field, forming a practice where patients can find effective, experienced medical care from young adulthood through advanced age.

“My philosophy of care is to be part of the family of the patient. Our practice is family oriented. Everyone knows and respects each other. We are accessible around the clock. It’s essential to be available to patients in times of need.”
— Patsy M. Iannolo, MD, PhD

The Gift of Time

Dr. Iannolo exemplifies the words of the founder of internal medicine, Sir William Osler: “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”

X-ray services available on-site

“At our practice, everyone is treated as if they are important and special,” Finlayson says.

This approach is especially evident in the time Dr. Iannolo, Finlayson and their staff spend with patients. While traditional physician visits may allow 15 minutes with a provider, Dr. Iannolo typically schedules 30 minutes or more with each patient and over an hour for physical exams. That allows him to make detailed assessments and give expert guidance, especially in cases of patients on multiple medications or people who require treatment for depression or anxiety.

When patients have an urgent need or question, they can reach out any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to speak to the provider on call. Same and next-day appointments are often available. Additionally, Dr. Iannolo and Finlayson make house calls under select circumstances.

“We maintain a comfortable pace,” Dr. Iannolo says. “There’s no rushing during appointments. That way, we’re able to offer comprehensive physical exams and follow-ups. At the same time, our around-the-clock availability allows us to provide a level of responsiveness and sense of urgency about patients’ needs that is rare in medicine today.”

Exam Room

Convenient Care in a New Location

Dr. Iannolo’s new practice contains many of the lab and imaging services frequently offered separately from medical practices, including pulmonary function testing, ankle brachial testing, EKG, and endocrine and laboratory services. The Skaneateles location also has an X-ray machine.

“Patients will be able to avoid trips to Syracuse or Auburn,” Finlayson says. “They’ll be able to access internal medicine close to home. We’re opening in September, and we’ll be available for walk-in care for our patients as well as anyone in the community.”

Known for cordial relations with his colleagues (especially for his willingness to consult over complex pharmacological issues), Dr. Iannolo welcomes referrals to his Skaneateles location. He keeps in close contact with referring providers, maintaining those relationships that have made him a reliable colleague and trusted physician across decades of practice.

Patsy Iannolo, MD, PhD, PC

Tina Finlayson, MS, FNP-BC

Meet the Providers

Patsy Iannolo, MD, PhD, PC, a native of Syracuse, attended Cornell University, and then obtained his medical degree and a doctorate in pharmacology at Upstate Medical Center, where he completed a residency in internal medicine. Also trained in emergency medicine, Dr. Iannolo has been practicing in local hospitals and in private practice since 1984. In addition to his practice on Taft Road in North Syracuse, Dr. Iannolo is Director of the Emergency Department at Auburn Community Hospital and on the medical faculty at SUNY Upstate Medical University, where he teaches pharmacology. Dr. Iannolo is board-certified in emergency and internal medicine.

Dr. Iannolo has been recognized for excellence numerous times by his colleagues. In 2009, the Central New York Regional Emergency Medical Services Council named him a Physician of Excellence for the CNY region. In 2019, Dr. Iannolo received the President’s Award for Outstanding Voluntary Faculty from SUNY Upstate Medical University.

Tina Finlayson, MS, FNP-BC, worked in industry for 18 years before attending nursing school. After beginning her career as a nurse, she obtained a master’s degree in nursing and became a family nurse practitioner in order to diversify her scope of practice. Her scope of practice includes internal medicine, urgent care, women’s health, as well as geriatric and emergency medicine.

For more information, call 315-458-4622. Visit the Skaneateles location online at driannoloandassociates.com.