Don’t Suppress, Manage Your Stress

By Joni Walton
Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Throughout my life and business career the question: “What do you do to relieve stress during exceptionally stressful times?” has been posed to me by friends and colleagues. We all have numerous moving parts in our lives that add anxiety, including family and work obligations. Yet, somehow, we have to attempt to strike a balance between the needs of our families and the needs at work. While change is inevitable and should be embraced as an ordinary fact of life, most folks simply abhor it. This mitigating factor is a disrupter and a definite stressor that will shake up your happy home-life and work-life balancing act.

My company is currently going through enormous transition. We are adding new accounting software and designing our new website. This has caused a bit of growing pains for my work family and has reverberated into my personal life as well. While the changes we are implementing will help to right the ship, it comes with loads of stress. All of which I am feeling immensely, but cannot convey. If I’m completely stressed out, unfocused and irritated then those unsettling feelings will flow from me and permeate the entire organization. I know I must lead by example and allow the positive energies to flow and create a healthy atmosphere instead of destabilizing temperaments.

One of my guiding principles of destressing is simply to make time for myself. For me I utilize fitness training as my “me-time.” I find that pushing really hard into my workouts help to reduce stressful thoughts and assist in refocusing and bringing me back to center. You may be asking how I fit this in to my already demanding schedule. I utilize early mornings as the perfect space to have that “me-time.” You may find another route, such as meditation, taking a walk or practicing yoga, work best in helping you regain your composure. Regardless of the medium, the moral is that it is imperative that you make appointments with yourself.

Another way I try to alleviate stress within the workplace is by occasionally bringing in lunch and dessert for my employees. We get together and play a few games giving folks the opportunity to win fun prizes like gift cards. I feel like it’s exceptionally important to laugh a little, tell a joke or two and create a fun, stress-free work environment. I also offer spin and workout classes to all of my employees to aid in reducing stress and assist in refocusing. I believe mood trickles down from the top. If I’m happy, optimistic and appear stress-free, then chances are my team will follow suit.

It all looks great on paper, but I operate in the real world and know that things don’t always go according to plan. Using the spin class I teach as an example, I put the class and myself in situations that are so physically demanding that they are practically impossible to achieve. It’s the act of giving everything you’ve got in the face of that adversity; attempting the impossible and coming up short, but landing in a much better spot than where you began. As aptly put by Norman Vincent Peale, “shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Joni Walton is the owner of Danlee Medical Products and Walton’s Total Fitness. Walton holds certifications in Group Fitness and Spin. To learn more about Danlee Medical, call 800-433-7797 or visit For more information regarding Walton’s Total Fitness, you can contact Joni Walton at 315-430-3655 or