CCBLaw: At the Forefront of Health Law

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Cohen Compagni Beckman Appler & Knoll PLLC (CCBLaw) has the largest, most experienced health law team in Central New York focusing on the needs of healthcare practitioners. The recent integration of Wood & Smith P.C. expands the firm’s expertise and reach even further.

Top row from left to right: Kyle Sutliff, John Appler, Stephen Cohen, Marc Beckman, Anastasia Semel, Bruce Smith
Bottom row from left to right: Maureen McGlynn, Michael Compagni, Laura Spring, Bruce Wood, Andrew Knoll

The ever-evolving, heavily regulated nature of health care makes this legal specialty one of the most challenging. CCBLaw attorneys have provided counsel to regional physicians for more than 40 years. In the last decade, CCBLaw has expanded its client base nationally and been recognized for its consulting services.

In January 2018, Bruce A. Smith and Bruce E. Wood — attorneys with nearly 30 years of health law experience — integrated their practice with CCBLaw. The partnership expands the number of CCBLaw attorneys to 13 and enhances the resources available to new and existing clients.

Complementary Practices, Shared Approach

The integration of CCBLaw and Wood & Smith P.C. is rooted in common practice and service philosophies. Both groups have physician-centered practices that provide business, transactional and regulatory counsel to physician groups, provider networks, ambulatory surgery centers, health care joint ventures and ancillary service providers, and have complementary areas of expertise.

Over the years, Wood & Smith P.C. has developed expertise in representing free-standing ambulatory surgery centers, with special focus on these centers’ development and ongoing operations. Thanks in large part to the vision of CCBLaw Partner Stephen Cohen, CCBLaw is regionally and nationally recognized as the go-to firm for physician practice integration law.

Marc S. Beckman consults with a client.

“CCBLaw specializes in providing services that we traditionally would have had to refer out, such as litigation, labor and employment, ERISA and employee benefits, and professional license defense,” Smith says. “To now have in-house access to these areas of expertise will provide an efficient and effective benefit to our clients.”

“Bruce and I have particular strengths in the areas of business, finance and real estate, and we provide services to both healthcare and non-healthcare clients,” Wood adds. “I’m confident that working with CCBLaw’s existing attorneys who practice in these areas will enable us to leverage these strengths as a part of CCBLaw.”

Beyond the scope of practice, the teams share priorities, including a client-centric focus with an emphasis on attentiveness and immediacy during client interactions. At least two CCBLaw attorneys remain apprised of each client’s case, so an expert is always readily available to answer questions and respond.

“CCBLaw makes it a point to be available to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Cohen says. “Our clients are often in the midst of sensitive negotiations, so we can’t delay our response because we’re on vacation, at home sick or traveling. Service and availability are key factors in our success, and Wood & Smith practice the same way. The more quality lawyers available to meet our clients’ needs, the better client service we provide.”

“CCBLaw has always been an all-purpose practice for the healthcare community, and now we’ve enhanced that practice with additional quality legal experts who share our philosophies and are willing to take the extra steps to ensure clients get the services they need. The integration of Wood & Smith P.C. with CCBLaw furthers our joint goal to continue to be a preeminent boutique health law firm in the state of New York.”
— Michael Compagni, Managing Member, Cohen Compagni Beckman Appler & Knoll PLLC (CCBLaw)

An All-encompassing Resource

CCBLaw serves clients throughout the country — from here in New York all the way to Southern California, Oregon, Maine, Louisiana and Florida. While the majority of CCBLaw’s clients are physicians and physician organizations, the firm also represents small business clients. As a result, physician practices can take advantage of business, real estate, litigation, banking, business, and labor and employment law services in addition to the firm’s health law capabilities.

Resources available to physicians through CCBLaw include:

  • Assistance with the creation of healthcare entities, such as large physician practices, independent practice associations and ACOs
  • Support with federal regulatory compliance
  • Representation in payer disputes and reimbursement issues
  • Professional license defense in the event of a New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct investigation
  • Representation in matters involving fraud, abuse, malpractice, audits, credentialing, and HIPAA breaches and reporting
  • Drafting and negotiating employee contracts and resolving employment-related disputes
  • Employee benefits and qualified plans counsel
  • Commercial real estate transactions

“Physician practices — no matter the size — need legal support and appreciate a personal touch,” Smith says. “The healthcare legal landscape is constantly changing, so physicians need representation from experienced attorneys who understand the industry. The CCBLaw team delivers high-quality, sophisticated and user-friendly health law services.”

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