Since its inception, meaningful use has focused primarily on the provider community. Beginning in 2014, however, it will begin to directly involve patients through portal technology.
So you have finally decided that a new construction project is necessary. Where do you start?
At Crouse Hospital, the sports medicine program is rapidly fulfilling its mission to provide care and support for active individuals of all ages in the Syracuse and Central New York area. Key to that mission is primary care sports medicine, a field that focuses on the medical management of physically active people.
The successful interior design of any medical office space goes far beyond selecting paint colors for the walls. It involves a total theme that should be centered on patients and how they interact with the surrounding environment. With the help of your design professional and a good understanding of a few basic principles, you can be well on your way to creating an inviting clinical environment that promotes patient healing and gives you the edge over your competition.
The legal needs of healthcare businesses involve many areas of the law, and attorneys working with the healthcare industry are often called upon for counsel on a wide variety of topics. Our firm’s Health Care Practice Group consistently works with our Labor and Employment Group for advice on day-to-day operating strategies and best practices for healthcare business management.
Internist Associates of Central New York (IACNY) has aligned with Crouse Hospital to integrate care in the inpatient, outpatient and community settings.
When we travel for business and personal reasons, we assume our accommodations are clean and pest-free. We choose hotels that have high ratings for customer service and cleanliness. Unfortunately, there is one pest out there that will invade even the most luxurious of establishments. Bed bugs are showing up everywhere these days.
The Prostate Cancer Program at Upstate Medical University offers advanced diagnostics and highly accurate, effective treatment. The method: relying on the most up-to-date training and technology.
State University of New York Upstate Medical University’s Department of Urology demonstrates the value of a strong academic department for everyone involved, from the students and residents to patients and their referring physicians to the scientific community at large.
On Aug. 7, I attended the annual White Coat Ceremony for first-year medical students at Upstate Medical University. Leading up to that day, to satisfy my curiosity, I did some personal research about medical education since World War II.
The most important ingredient to a successful robotic surgery program is a collection of highly skilled surgeons. That’s the focus at Crouse Hospital.
Frequently, it is in the mutual interest of a local hospital and physician medical practice to recruit a new physician to the community. The three parties to the negotiation — the physician to be recruited, the existing medical practice and the hospital — each have their own interests to address. In addition, distinct from the normal business terms that must be negotiated, various federal regulatory fraud and abuse and IRS concerns can make the process particularly daunting.
Just as medical practices are getting their sea legs with electronic health record (EHR) systems and meaningful use, another wave of massive change is headed their way in 2014.
Building code can be the place where healthcare needs and architectural design meet.