The consequences of violating one of the complex fraud and abuse laws that apply to healthcare providers can be dire.
Since becoming a New York state regional referral center in 1975, Crouse Hospital’s Baker Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has never turned away an ambulance carrying a critically ill baby. During that time, survival rates have climbed to higher than 97 percent, while the NICU has cared for up to 1,000 infants from across the region each year.
An Interview with Josh Miller, Owner of Audibel Hearing
Central New York patients have a new option for low-risk outpatient interventional radiology procedures. CRA Medical Imaging’s new outpatient facility provides a comfortable setting where patients undergo less complicated interventional radiology procedures. The office is staffed by the same highly experienced team of mid-level providers and fellowship-trained radiologists that perform inpatient procedures at Crouse Hospital, Oswego Hospital and the VA Medical Center.
As the sea change of government initiatives transforming health care continues, another high-impact piece of legislation became law this spring. President Obama signed the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), which introduces an entirely new method of paying for healthcare services. Known as the “Doc Fix,” the law takes effect in 2019, but the path forward really begins in 2015.
Because medical information is central to many lawsuits, medical providers and hospitals frequently receive subpoenas to provide medical records. This article sets forth some considerations for properly responding to a subpoena for medical records.
As experienced physicians have been coasting down the healthcare highway toward retirement, it has been a smooth ride on cruise control. Of late, however, there have been a few major detours on the horizon.
Many people are complaining about the number of ants they are seeing this year. While we usually see ants in the spring and early summer, the 2015 season seems to be bringing them out in droves. This is due to the extended winter that we had the “pleasure” of experiencing this past year. 
Treating patients with conditions of the eye, eyelid, orbit and lacrimal system, the expert physician team at Eye Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Central New York specialize in minimally invasive techniques at their outpatient Syracuse Surgery Center.
One of the last things medical practices want to hear about right now is Stage 3 of meaningful use. Many had to give up on Stage 2 last year and are wrestling with it in 2015. Nonetheless, on March 20, the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a proposal for Stage 3 of meaningful use. Concurrently, the Office of National Coordinator, which is responsible for certifying EHR systems, announced specifications for 2015 certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT), which will be required to meet Stage 3.
In July 2014, Syracuse University (SU) Athletics tapped the Sports Medicine Program at Crouse Hospital to provide comprehensive orthopedic services for the university’s student athletes. Crouse’s leadership recognized an opportunity to build on its existing partnership with SU and the area’s leading orthopedic specialists to forge a unique partnership that illustrates the benefits of collaborative care.
Having proper policies and procedures in place can help avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. This article provides some fundamental strategies company’s can use to avoid and defend a potential lawsuit.
Pests seek places to live that satisfy basic needs for air, moisture, food and shelter. The best way to control pests is to try to prevent them from entering your home or garden in the first place. You can do this by removing the elements they need to survive. Take the following preventive measures:
Franciscan Companies is celebrating 30 years of providing healthcare services in patients’ homes. As an affiliate of St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, the respiratory and durable medical equipment (DME) company shares the same mission: We are passionate healers dedicated to honoring the sacred in our sisters and brothers. Our core values include stewardship, compassion, reverence, excellence and integrity. President and CEO Frank L. Smith Jr., exemplifies this mission and values.
On May 2, 2015, Joseph R. Maldonado Jr., MD, MBA, DipEBHC, of Rome, New York, was elected president of the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) at the annual meeting of the Society’s House of Delegates held in Saratoga Springs. 
Last year, DNV Healthcare bestowed its comprehensive stroke center accreditation upon one central New York facility — Upstate Medical University’s Upstate Stroke Center. The designation recognizes the facility’s expansive multispecialty team, which leverages evidence-based protocols and state-of-the-art facilities to expedite treatment times and optimize outcomes.
Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists (SOS) and Crouse Hospital have teamed up to provide a leading-edge program that permits patients to return home the day after undergoing hip replacement.
An Interview with Josh Miller, Owner of Audibel Hearing
When it comes to critical health diagnosis, people tend to seek out a specialist over a general practitioner. The same should apply when practices deal with their real estate.
Medical practices are breathing a sigh of relief now that meaningful use in 2014 is over. It was a turbulent year that involved problems with products, vendors, rule changes and constant fear of meaningful use audits. At the end of the list of worries were potential Medicare payment adjustments looming in 2015.