Crouse Health: Leading the Way in Robotic Surgery — Past, Present and Future

As modern medical technology continues to see exponential growth, the Crouse Institute for Robotic Surgery remains a leader in the industry, largely due to its pioneering spirit and team-centered approach.

Upstate Urology Brings a Better Way to Detect Bladder Cancer to Central New York

To enhance a burgeoning bladder cancer program, the Department of Urology at Upstate Medical University offers Blue Light Cystoscopy (BLC) with Cysview, a method that has been proven to increase detection rates of certain forms of bladder cancer.

Public Health: Surveillance, Research and Prevention

The current crisis with the emerging Coronavirus, combined with a challenging flu year, reminds us all of the important role of our Public Health officials.

The Labor and Employment Law Landscape

Several significant changes to state and federal labor and employment laws are taking effect this year. Employers need to be aware of these laws in order to adjust employment policies and...

Your Culture of Leadership

Leading an organization of any size can be a difficult endeavor. By nature, leadership is subject to interpretation and variation, but only if we allow it. I have written a lot on...