Why I’m Focused on Advancing the Medical Industry Through Technology

By Zoe Koulouris
Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The medical industry and digital world are merging more than ever before, but staying on top of the rapidly changing digital landscape is a constant challenge.

Upstate Interactive Partners (l-r): Doug Crescenzi, Kseniya Lifanova, Zoe Koulouris and Peter Smith

Consumers are more informed about health and are increasingly evaluating physicians by their online presence. In addition, the healthcare system has been slow to integrate technical advancements like big data solutions that incorporate predictive analytics and diagnostic tools, which is the future of value-based care. My desire to co-found a digital agency, Upstate Interactive, is driven by the need for healthcare professionals to find a reliable technical partner to advance their business.

During my experience in the healthcare information technology space, I was fortunate enough to work with a startup company that built a patient-engagement software platform for medical practices to improve care coordination and communication during and in between office visits. I spent time communicating with many healthcare professionals looking for ways to innovate their practices and engage with their patients online. I identified a consistent need for technical expertise, and pursued opportunities to learn software development, while building on my communications and marketing skills.

My current goal at Upstate Interactive is to apply what I have learned about business, health care and computer science by working with healthcare professionals to understand and translate their pain-points into solutions that optimize their success. At Upstate Interactive, we do that by allowing our clients to focus on their expertise, while we provide the digital resources to help them grow their business. Whether it’s custom software, custom content marketing, or both, we use technology to drive long-term success.

As important as it is for healthcare professionals to stay current with advancements in the health industry, it’s my job to stay current with modern technologies. I’ve realized that you have to focus on one area if you want to excel at it and stay on top of the changes in that specific area. Feeling this way as a tech professional effectively helps me relate to business owners looking for innovative ways to adapt. Through our expertise, we can help medical practices build a strong and credible online presence that generates new patients and improves engagement with existing patients.

At Upstate Interactive, we are interested in partnering with clients for the long term to invest in their growth and that of the upstate New York region. We are a team of individuals each bringing our own strengths to the table. Together, we get on board a project immediately and manage the full scope of that project’s web or mobile design and development, user experience, and content marketing. As we work with different clients, we research the right technical solutions for their specific needs. Upstate Interactive is committed to helping companies grow through digital services, so that they can focus on what they do best.

There are an infinite number of ways that technology can be used to advance business practices. Understanding the software development process allows me to align business goals with development priorities more effectively. This insight helps me cultivate client relationships by translating their stated needs into concrete objectives for development projects. In order to break down a complex problem into manageable steps, we apply a thorough process to every project that starts off with research and requirements gathering. Through our planning phase, we determine the project scope and prioritize development tasks that we can execute on time and within budget.

In order to execute on a manageable timeline, good communication across interdisciplinary teams is critical. Learning development has also helped make me a better mediator across teams and allows me to resolve problems in more creative ways. Learning firsthand how much thought and complexity goes into making small changes to the code or adding a new feature has completely changed my perspective on how to prioritize user requests. I draw on my experience to generate value by taking a collaborative approach to align business goals and development priorities. When these goals are aligned, project management, process improvement and timelines immediately become driving forces to success.

If you are interested in learning how to grow your medical practice through digital services, we would love to get in touch. Learn more at upstate.agency or contact team@upstate.agency.