Crouse Health’s Kienzle Family Maternity Center: A Regional Leader in Advanced Obstetrical Care

No matter what maternal or fetal complications may arise during pregnancy, labor or delivery, the Kienzle Family Maternity Center at Crouse Health has the technology, infrastructure and expertise to provide expedient, high-level, compassionate care.

Crouse Hospital’s Baker Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Four Decades, Helping Fragile Infants Live

Since becoming a New York state regional referral center in 1975, Crouse Hospital’s Baker Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has never turned away an ambulance carrying a critically ill baby. During that time, survival rates have climbed to higher than 97 percent, while the NICU has cared for up to 1,000 infants from across the region each year.

Advancing Robotic Surgery by Relying on Techniques, Technology and Team

In 2008, Crouse Hospital added a da Vinci robot-assisted surgical platform to its surgical portfolio and, in 2013, inaugurated its multidisciplinary Institute for Robotic Surgery. The hospital added a second da Vinci system earlier this year to open the possibility of minimally invasive robotic...