Family Medicine

Why I’m Focused on Advancing the Medical Industry Through Technology

The medical industry and digital world are merging more than ever before, but staying on top of the rapidly changing digital landscape is a constant challenge.

Budget Battle in High Gear

As the New York State Legislature heads into the month of March, both the State Senate and the State Assembly face the mandated deadline of April 1 to pass a state budget for the 2017–2018 fiscal year, which begins on that date.

Opportunity Is Knocking

In times of old, not much thought went into buying and selling real estate. You could get a mortgage for more than the purchase price with little money down, and sellers could ask more money than a property was worth.

Life Insurance 101 — What You Need to Know

It has been said that buying life insurance is like going to see the dentist: No one wants to do it, but you know you need to. Almost all medical professionals will own some amount of life insurance during their lifetime. 

Legal Exposure for Waiving Copays and Deductibles

Our office routinely answers questions from physician offices and hospitals regarding waiver of patient copays and deductibles (collectively “coinsurance”). The temptation to waive coinsurance arises in many different scenarios, including the following: when patients are financially distressed, when one wishes to extend professional courtesy to colleagues and their families, and when collection efforts have negligible results.